Building Byzantium – A New Metropolis for the Orthodox Christian World
An Urban Development Initiative by the Hellenic Diaspora

Welcome to NEA CONSTANTINOPOLIS – a collective innovation initiative designed to harness the talents of the worldwide Hellenic Diaspora to create a plan for a new metropolis with an urban design inspired by replicating the architecture of Byzantine Constantinople.  This “New Constantinople” urban development plan represents an ambitious idea to empower the Greek community worldwide to work together for the common goal of planning and executing the development of a new global center of Hellenism and Orthodox Christianity.

An Urban Development and Economic Stimulus Initiative undertaken by the worldwide Hellenic Diaspora

NEA CONSTANTINOPOLIS is an initiative to develop a virtual city plan that celebrates the glorious heritage of Byzantium via a multimedia presentation inspired by Constantinople circa 1025 AD.  The initiative is being managed by ACROPOLIS INTERACTIVE as a collective innovation project for Greeks around the world to unite in a cause for Hellenism and Orthodox Christianity.


Project Description
This collective innovation project “NEA CONSTANTINOPOLIS” ™ is designed to produce a virtual city plan for a metropolis that features the following components:

  • A religious center for Orthodox Christianity with a replica of the Hagia Sophia.
  • A living history museum featuring replicas of landmark structures based on the footprint of Byzantine Constantinople circa 1025 AD.
  • A major cruise ship port of call connected by direct cruises from Athens for tourism development.
  • Entertainment and Horse Racing Center based on a replica of the Hippodrome.
  • Multiple yacht marinas based on historic ports that were part of Constantinople.
  • Golf Courses and Parks.
  • Beaches and Thalassotherapy Spa Centers for health and wellness.
  • Real Estate developments of Hotels, Homes, Condos and Villas

To unite individuals with a passion for HELLENISM & ORTHODOX CHRISTIANITY from all over the world to work together in a collective innovation project that will foster positive change for the Hellenic world by featuring the best and brightest ideas to be implemented in a plan for a new city.